Crocheting not just for little old ladies

February 1, 2008 at 4:57 pm (Crochet) (, , )

I always seem to run into people who see me crocheting, and give me the strangest looks.  I can just see the confusion, the familiar “isn’t that just for little old ladies?” look flit across their face.  Well, Bob Cooper certainly doesn’t fit that category.  Bob’s a retired corporate manager from Texas.  He crochets afghans with portraits of famous people on them.

Bob Cooper and his Elvis afghan

Not only is Bob not an older woman, but he taught himself to crochet, designs his own patterns, and even designed his own form of crochet.  He taught himeself to crochet without using any knots, because he didn’t know you needed them.  This is the kind of ingenuity that crafting is supposed to be about.  Maybe, if we’re lucky, more Bobs will start to come out of the woodwork and open the range of people’s thoughts on needlecrafts.

It’s not just for grandma anymore.


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