The internet has done some good

February 5, 2008 at 3:40 pm (internet) (, )

With all the negative attention given to websites like Myspace and Facebook, it seems like people tend to associate the internet with negativity.  And if they do think of it for shopping, they think of, or maybe   Most people don’t really think about the almost-underground crafting population on the net.

 As this article from the BBC talks about, a lot of crafters are turning to the internet to view and sell their wares, because there’s a much bigger market.  If you were to go onto Ebay and search anything along the lines of “crafts”, “homemade”, “crochet“, “knit“, etc, you would get pages of results, private crafters selling their products to like-minded people around the world.  Ebay’s not the only place you can find crafts though. is one of the biggest crafting communities online.  It’s basically an internet craft fair, with vendors selling nothing but homemade goods, be it needlepoint, paintings, crocheted items, knit items, you name it.

From collectibles to cars, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay     Etsy

 Crafters are also getting on the net to socialize and share ideas, patterns, finished products, craftalongs, and more.  Web forums like and are growing every day.  There are also sites like, which are slightly more geared toward the act of crafting, allowing members to record their “stashes” and keep a going record of “works in progress” and finished works.



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