Why is knitting so much more popular than crocheting?

February 12, 2008 at 12:27 pm (Crochet, Issues, Knit)

This is something I’ll never understand.  Why is knitting so much more popular and apparently “better” than crochet?  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against knitting, in fact I’d like to try and learn to knit myself.  I just don’t see why there’s such a huge difference in opinion between the two.  Yes, there are differences, but each craft has its own unique plusses and projects.



With knitting, you use 2 needles and you can generally make more clothing-type items, as the fabric you get with knitting is thinner than that with crochet.  However, there are only a few different types of stitches.  You can make a large variety of things with these stitches though.

Image of Knit Oh-So-Simple Cardigan    Image of Hat



While you can’t make as many different types of clothes with crochet as with knit, there are a few patterns around for very nice crocheted clothes.  There are also unlimited afghan and stuffed toys patterns with crochet.  Crochet has a lot more types of stitches than knit, so you can get a lot more textures and patterns with crochet.

Image of Best Bunny   Image of Striped Lapghan

Overall, I personally feel that each craft has its own unique possibilities, and that they are equally fun and productive.


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