The Yarn Revival

March 25, 2008 at 6:48 pm (Community, Crochet, Knit)

It’s very uplifting to come across articles like this, that show that the yarn arts aren’t dead.  Although, I have to say that though the articles phrases it at “Once associated with grandmothers,” I still do get comments when I crochet about it being a grandma thing (look how many of these pictures show older women).  It is very nice to see the young crowd of yarnworkers getting some attention, though.  Now we just need to get more guys in on it. 😉  Maybe if word starts getting out about how cool knitting and crocheting are, us yarners will become the cool kids on the block 🙂

Now, if we could just get more celebrities to crochet the way the article says they knit…



  1. Rick Hancock said,

    Happy National Crochet Month. How are you going to celebrate?

  2. Kim said,

    Hey, I just want you to know that I am fifteen, almost sixteen, and taught myself crochet a while ago. I came across this blog looking for plarn patterns, and was amazed at your stuff! It’s all so cool! Anyway, last year I brought my crochet to school (it was the end of the year, all they do is pop in movies), and now all my friends and I crochet so much! I have started designing my own patterns, and people are saying I should start selling some of my stuff (who woulda thunk?)

    Crochet is alive and well, I see more and more teens in the yarn aisle every day. And with popular publishers like Klutz Books making crochet and knitting books aimed for a younger demographic, it won’t likely slow down.

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