Different kind of charity

April 23, 2008 at 6:20 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve supported charity crafting before, but this is a different type.  When you think about charity crafting, you usually think about helping those who are “less fortunate”: making blankets for homeless shelters, hospitals, and abused children’s shelters, making premie caps, making cancer caps, etc.  Soldiers overseas don’t often immediately come to mind as charitable causes.

However, according to this article, someone is trying to change that.  A knitting group in Washington, DC has been getting together and making blankets for the troops since 2004.  To date, over 1300 afghans have been created.  The group, along with over 500 people throughout the country, knit and crochet 6’x9′ rectangles of whatever design/color/theme they choose.  The pieces then all get sent to Maryland where they have “Put Together” events to stitch together the pieces into full-sized afghans that are sent to wounded soldiers and their families.  The entire process is called the Handmade Afghans Project.  You can email Rectangle6x9@comcast.net if you’re interested in contributing to the project.


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