The Yarn Revival

March 25, 2008 at 6:48 pm (Community, Crochet, Knit)

It’s very uplifting to come across articles like this, that show that the yarn arts aren’t dead.  Although, I have to say that though the articles phrases it at “Once associated with grandmothers,” I still do get comments when I crochet about it being a grandma thing (look how many of these pictures show older women).  It is very nice to see the young crowd of yarnworkers getting some attention, though.  Now we just need to get more guys in on it. 😉  Maybe if word starts getting out about how cool knitting and crocheting are, us yarners will become the cool kids on the block 🙂

Now, if we could just get more celebrities to crochet the way the article says they knit…


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Favorites Week – Yarns

March 9, 2008 at 2:16 pm (Crochet, Knit)

One of the larger debates in the needleworking world is about yarns.  Which is better, acrylics or natural fibers?  For me, I’ve only used acrylics, with the exception of a skein of Lion Wool.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any yarn stores in the immediate area, and my tight college budget doesn’t really allow me to pay more than a few dollars for a skein of yarn :/  However, there are plenty of acrylic yarns that I have used and loved, and here some of them are!Caron Bliss.

This yarn is sooooo soft!  It comes in different colors, some bright, some muted.  It’s 53% nylon, 47% acrylic.  It’s a very ligt yarn to work with, but it’s a bulky yarn because of the poofy quality of it.  I’ve used it for hat trim, scarves, and slippers.  One of the nicest things about it is that, as you’re working with it, it doesn’t irritate your hands because it’s not only soft, but smooth too. 

Lion Suede.

This is another favorite of mine.  It too has a nice soft feel to it, but it isn’t as fluffy as the Bliss yarn.  It’s a 100% polyester yarn.  One of the positives about this yarn is that, while it’s also very nice to work with, you can see the stitches when you use it.  It’s also a bulky yarn, because it’s make with very thick strands.  I’ve used it for toys, parts of blankets, and hats.

Patons Carmen.

Yes, this one is another soft yarn.  Unlike the other two, however, this yarn is not a solid colored or patterned yarn.  It is a 36% polyester, 64% nylon blend yarn.  It has a base color, with bits of various solids mixed throughout the yarn.  It’s a bulky yarn, and also has a smooth feel to it.  I’ve used it for slippers and toys, and am currently attempting to make a hat with it.

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Another unique project

March 3, 2008 at 6:34 pm (Knit, Unique)

As far as knit projects go, this one is both unique and ambitious.  A woman in England, along with the help of over 300 others, created a replica of an English garden.  Overall, this project must have taken thousands, if not millions of knitting hours between everyone.

knitted snail

Jane Bolsover's knitted garden

Personally, I most likely would have given up after the first squirrel, so I admire the skill and patience of these people 🙂

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This is different

February 19, 2008 at 6:22 pm (Community, Knit, Unique)

I found this site online called  Upon browsing the site, I discovered that Knitta is a group of knitters who actually go around the world and use their knitting to decorate public places.  This is quite a unique concept, and if you look at the pictures, some of them are pretty cool.  I only wonder how they get permission to put up their decorations 🙂

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This is really neat

February 17, 2008 at 5:20 pm (internet, Knit, Unique)

I was surfing a forum on Ravelry and came across a post about this YouTube video.  The song’s in French, but you don’t really need the sound to appreciate the artistic aspect of it.  It’s a bunch of knitted swatches that create a music video, sort of like when you draw little cartoons on post-it notes to make a mini cartoon.  If you look at the end of the video, the numbers on the bottoms of the panels show you that over 700 swatches were knitted to make the video.  Enjoy!

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Check this out

February 13, 2008 at 12:21 pm (Crochet, internet, Knit)

I found this funny video on YouTube that basically covers the knit vs crochet debate, only it makes it really funny.

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Why is knitting so much more popular than crocheting?

February 12, 2008 at 12:27 pm (Crochet, Issues, Knit)

This is something I’ll never understand.  Why is knitting so much more popular and apparently “better” than crochet?  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against knitting, in fact I’d like to try and learn to knit myself.  I just don’t see why there’s such a huge difference in opinion between the two.  Yes, there are differences, but each craft has its own unique plusses and projects.



With knitting, you use 2 needles and you can generally make more clothing-type items, as the fabric you get with knitting is thinner than that with crochet.  However, there are only a few different types of stitches.  You can make a large variety of things with these stitches though.

Image of Knit Oh-So-Simple Cardigan    Image of Hat



While you can’t make as many different types of clothes with crochet as with knit, there are a few patterns around for very nice crocheted clothes.  There are also unlimited afghan and stuffed toys patterns with crochet.  Crochet has a lot more types of stitches than knit, so you can get a lot more textures and patterns with crochet.

Image of Best Bunny   Image of Striped Lapghan

Overall, I personally feel that each craft has its own unique possibilities, and that they are equally fun and productive.

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